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How My Kitten Changed My Life

For months, Adam begged me for a kitten until I finally broke down one dreary Sunday afternoon in October. Giving our puppy, Echo, away in August due to international travel complications broke our hearts, and left behind a void like no other. Of course nothing could replace our pup, but we felt her absence deeply after loving and caring for her even for a short time.

I admit I wasn’t very keen on the idea at first. I wanted to consider the decision from all angles, and it didn’t seem very practical at the time. How would we afford food, vet bills, insurance, litter and various other necessities? Would we have enough space for her? What if we got a cat that hated us, or preferred to be alone? There were so many factors to consider, including the fact that my in-laws’ dog hates cats.

But in the end, of course I said yes. And, despite my initial worries, I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

One of my major concerns was the possibility of getting a cat that wouldn’t like us very much. Thankfully, we lucked out on that. Boo is one of the most loving creatures alive. She sleeps between our pillows at night; she naps on our laps during the day. She greets us at the door, even when we only leave our room for a few minutes. When I call her name, she meows almost every time in response. After Adam or I feed her, she jumps in our laps and gives us a big meow of content. She’s well behaved and knows what “no” means.

Of course she’s silly too. She reminds me of a playful toddler sometimes, when she’s running around the room full-speed at two A.M. – wonderful practice for a later stage of our lives.

Each and every day, Boo teaches us something new. Whether it’s that she can turn off the PlayStation 4 by herself (and sometimes does it on purpose) or that there’s something magical about watching the rain fall outside, our sweet cat inspires us to pay attention to the small things, to never stop exploring. She teaches us empathy, compassion, elegance, wonder, gentleness. She shows us that it’s important – and a lot of fun – to get in the floor and play now and again.

Really, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to love her unconditionally and watch her grow. And I’m glad I went with my heart instead of my head on this one – sometimes the most practical decisions turn out to be the least rewarding.


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