#BadPoetry / Poetry

#BadPoetry: jumper poem

the threads of his jumper
are my vibranium shield,
an alloy of cotton, cigarette smoke,
the faintest hint of his cologne,
the scent of English rain,
and memories of early mornings
spent half-awake tangled
in each other’s arms.

cocooning me, a soft gray embrace,
bob dylan’s typographic face
tells me everything will be alright
as he lulls me to sleep every night

and when i whisper that he’s my hero
he furrows his brow and says,
“what?! you’re my hero.”

and i want so desperately to tell him
that without him, at this very moment
i’d be the dictator of a dirt kingdom,
my forever-silenced atoms
drifting on a lazy wind.

(Wanna know what inspired this poem? View the rationale here!)


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