Quick Update

Hi, everyone! I’ve been a bit lacking on here this week unfortunately, but I kinda needed to take a breather moment because this week has been crazy for me.

I decided not to do a #TwitterSeries piece when I reached 800 followers as I had uni assignments to finish up at the time. But now that summer’s finally here, I’ll continue doing #TwitterSeries pieces every time I gain another hundred followers on Twitter. I’ll do this until I reach 1,000, and then I’ll post a new piece every 500 followers.

Also, I didn’t post #BadPoetry last week! This is because I spent Friday viewing a potential flat after spending most of the week property hunting online. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing (and blogging), but better late than never, right?

‘drunk on 4 am’ will go live tomorrow evening at 6 PM GMT, and the rationale will go live on Monday as usual.

Other than that, I’ve just been hard at work editing my dissertation. I’m meeting with my tutor next week to tear it apart; I’m so stoked!

Got some exciting stuff coming to the blog next week, including a new indie game review! Also, stay tuned next week for a video of me reading an excerpt of my short story at the Litmus launch (Spoiler alert: I read so fast, I should probably include subtitles).


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