#BadPoetry: ‘Hot Spring’

Bold hues on aged canvas
bleed into one another, remixing
the rainbow as we know it.
Barren landscape, burned sienna
by Mother Nature’s hand,
expands beyond the horizon.
Golden-orange flares of
rough, rocky earth
breathe life into what would
otherwise be mundane brown.
Countless cracks and crevices,
the road to an expansive chasm
encasing a swirling sea
of canary, chartreuse,
cyan, royal blue.The rainbow-water
emanates a luminous heat,
offset by dusted frost.
Humid steam rises from
the flowing surface.

The brilliance of it all
tempts me to dive headfirst
into the scene,
but a ferocious growling
in the pit of my stomach
brings my captivation to an

(Wanna go behind the scenes of this poem? Tune in Monday for the rationale!)


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